South African Safari – what to expect!

Heading off an African Safari is definitely one of the most exhilarating and awe-inspiring things you can do. Exploring the wide open savannah seeking out the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephants) in their natural habitat is an incredible thing to do. It makes you realise how wonderfully amazing our planet really is!

It is also one of the most tranquil, relaxing and romantic things to do!

Many people want to go on an African safari, but often wonder what happens when on a safari expedition, so I thought I would draw up a simple outline of what a typical day on a magical African Safari is like.

05.00am – Rise and Shine! Your game ranger will be by to knock on your door. With the sun just rising, you are able to capture some awesome photographs with the light!

05.30am – Rendezvous your ranger and tracker for early morning tea and coffee before departing out on a true African safari in search of the “Big Five”!

Return to the lodge and enjoy a hearty South African breakfast!

The rest of your morning is at leisure for you to do as you wish. Perhaps relax by the pool, or look through the wildlife books often available for you to read through.

11.00am –  Many private game lodges offer a short walking Safari with an experienced and knowledgeable ranger and tracker.

After your walk you will have a chance to chill out and relax or enjoy a swim to cool down from the relentless African sunshine.

1.00pm  –  A delicious lunch is served.

4.00pm – Meet with your ranger for afternoon tea before starting off on an evening Game Drive. This time of day can allow for the most incredible sunset photographs!

6.00pm –  Surrounded in natural splendour, enjoy some cocktails and refreshments.

6.30pm –  Continue on your game drive finding the more nocturnal animals such as Leopards, Lions and Hyenas. Just sit back, observe and listen, as the stars twinkle into existence and the sounds of Africa call all around you!

7.30pm – Your return time to the lodge is flexible and is determined by the activities on safari!

8.00pm – Dinner Time!

Enjoy your African Safari!



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